Seven Reasons to go Rafting

  1. Experiences Make Us Happier Than Possessions. more
  2. The Experience of Nature Reduces Stressmore
  3.  Exercise is Great for Health and Exercise in a Green Environment is Even Better!  more
  4. River Trips are Good for Your Brain. more
  5. Children Benefit Greatly from River Trips, the Longer the Better. more
  6. River Trips are Great for ADD and ADHD. more
  7. It’s Economical. more

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The Isel - The Last Unique Glacier River of the National Park

The ISEL in East Tyrol enjoys a reputation as one of the best rafting trips in Central Europe to be. During the summer months is therefore a lot going on this river.

  • Location: East-Tyrol "Osttirol" (seperate county of tyrol, borders not connected)
  • Source height: Umbal Valley, 2400 meters
  • Difference in altitude: 1727 meters
  • Length: 57.3 kilometers (35.8 miles)
  • Estuary: at Lienz in the Drau River

The Isel is one of the last great wild alpine rivers in central Europe. Its tributaries are largely original. The Isel flows through the core and outer zone of the Hohe Tauern National Park and linking the region with the cultural landscape of the lower-Isel and Drautal Valley. According to the European Water Framework Directive, the Isel is protected by the "deterioration ban". The Isel is a reference river of the Alps on the borders of Austria.

More Information available as Download here (in German).