Seven Reasons to go Rafting

  1. Experiences Make Us Happier Than Possessions. more
  2. The Experience of Nature Reduces Stressmore
  3.  Exercise is Great for Health and Exercise in a Green Environment is Even Better!  more
  4. River Trips are Good for Your Brain. more
  5. Children Benefit Greatly from River Trips, the Longer the Better. more
  6. River Trips are Great for ADD and ADHD. more
  7. It’s Economical. more

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Rafting is fun. It is a water sport in which you take a river ride thru white-water with a boat. Rafting boats are designed for 4-12 people. Rafting became popular in the eighties and soon triggered a boom. Over the years the sport developed to a nature experience for tourists and is very popular among families and adventurers.

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